What Makes Asian Ladies Special

Are you lost in the jungle of confusion when it comes to dating Asian women? Puzzled about how to bag the Asian beauty you’ve always wanted? Tongue tied and twisted when you’re in front of a nice Asian babe? Feeling ignorant when it comes to Asian etiquette and dating customs?

Don’t fret! It’s natural to act stupid once in a while but there’s no reason why you should be a jerk forever. The trouble with most men is that they presume ladies are alike no matter what Asian country they come from. This is a big mistake since Asian women have different cultures, characteristics, needs, and wants. What is applicable to one group of women can’t be applied to another so don’t generalize or you may get into trouble!

How do Asian women differ? Here are some important facts to consider the next time you find yourself courting an Asian lady:

Hong Kong girls are active, fashionable, energetic, tough and realistic. They’re financially independent individuals who are hardworking, smart and sometimes harsh. But they’re a softie deep inside, especially if they love you. However, these characteristics also make it difficult for them to find understanding Hong Kong men who often perceive them as selfish and self-centered.

Chinese women don’t mind dating or even marrying men who are 20 or 30 years older. To them, age doesn’t matter. Their biggest concern, however, is finding a man who will love and respect them. Owing to their culture, they tend to be submissive and obedient but don’t let their innocent looks fool you for they supposedly possess secrets of lovemaking that no other Asian women have!

Korean women are widely known for their femininity and gracefulness, their exotic look and traditional family values. Don’t mistake them for dumb broads since most are college educated, intelligent, kind, faithful, and quiet. Like Chinese women, they also prefer older men because the latter symbolize stability and wisdom. If you don’t have the looks and the money, don’t worry! These babes aren’t looking for rich, attractive men but they prefer those with stable jobs and inner beauty.

Japanese women are more feminine in the way they dress, act, and talk. That makes them attractive to a lot of foreigners. They’re also kind, selfless, patient, and caring. Their personality stands out and their ability to be flexible is what sets them apart from other Asian ladies. They may appear weak and subservient but they can easily adapt to any situation.

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